Implant Dentistry
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How to maintain implant-stabilised dentures?
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Daily cleaning consists of removing your denture at night and brushing around the implants to remove any food and plaque. Brushing is important as it stimulates blood flow in the surrounding gum tissue. Following the doctor's post-operative instructions and maintaining a good oral hygiene are important factors in ensuring long-term success.


Denture stabilisation with implants - explained
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Dental implants offer a way to keep dentures in place, allowing you to go about your daily life with confidence. In the procedure titanium screws with integrated ball-tops are inserted into the jaw, where they will fuse into the bone. The procedure, generally, takes about 60 minutes and is done under local anaesthetics. Your existing denture is modified to snap onto the ball-posts. The denture will be secure and you can remove it for cleaning. You can unseat the denture with your thumbs by applying upward presure to the front more
Mini dental implants, the affordable solution.- How can mini implants help denture wearers? (video)
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The complete mini implant service can be provided in a single office visit. Your denture can be stabilised in a couple of hours. Benefits of denture stabilisation: restores proper chewing, allowing a better diet and improved health, improves speech and confidence, increases comfort with less irritation of gum tissue, ends the cost and inconvenience of denture adhesives, your existing denture can be utilised, minimally invasive procedure
What is peri-implantitis?
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If plaque is allowed to remain in your mouth it can develop into hard deposit of tartar. more
Can dental implants have tartar build-up too like natural teeth?
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If not taken care of your dental implants can develop plaque, gum infection and bleeding gums. Plaque that develops into tartar is likely to adhere to the neck portion of the implants if proper oral hygiene maintenance is neglected. If you treat your implants well, there is no reason why they should not last for many years. 
What are the typical solutions with implants?
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There are many alternatives we can do with implants. The alternatives depends on how many implants you would like to have in order to replace your missing teeth. Possible solutions are discussed during the first examination and we help you choose the option that suits your condition. The most common applications are as follows:

* replacement of one, several or all missing teeth.

* support a bridge

* support a removable full or a partial denture

What is the difference between the various crowns you use?
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The type of crown you opt for would depend on where in the mouth they are going to be placed and your budget. Undoubtedly, if you need crowns on your front teeth besides funcionality it is as much important to achieve a natural look. more
Maintaining replacements on implants
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While implants will not constantly remind you that you are wearing false teeth you cannot completely forget all about them.  more
Do you perform immediate post-extraction implant placement?
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Yes, we do but only if the area is free from infection. In these cases we only put FBR (fast bone regeneration) implants so that patient won't have to risk losing the implant. A bone graft may be necessary, though, to fix the implant securely.   more
How long does implant surgery take?
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The very placement of the implant does not take long, it is the preparations that lead to the placement that are a bit lengthier. 
Dental implants and infection
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You don't need to worry about infection. The surgical procedure takes place with the utmost care and by observing surgical protocols and hygienic prescriptions.   more
After placement of dental implants
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Will I experience bleeding?

Will I experience pain?

Will I experience swelling?

Implant systems: What implant system do we use?
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 We use a globally accepted system, namely Oraltronics Pitt-Easy. 

Pitt-Easy is available in 5 diameters and 9 lengths, extending from 8 – 24 mm. The colour control system offers the doctor, assistants and dental technicians certainty over the entire line.



Will I get a temporary crown until I receive my permanent crown?
queendental | 0 comments 12.12.2008.
Of course. We won't let our patients leave the clinic without their temporary replacement. Before the treatment starts impression and wax bite are taken so that patients can have their temporary replacement by the time the appointment is over.  more
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